rolf's diary


In Uncategorized on 26. June 2010 at 21:44

Today was a very hot day with 27° Celsius. I feel like a boiling fowl. 

(Ingredients for 6 people: For the stock 1/2 hen 1 kilo of cow’s bones 2 ham bones 4 leeks 3 celery stalks 1 medium-sized onion 300 gm of potatoes 1/4 kilo of chickpeas Salt For the soup 1/4 kilo of rice 150 grams of diced ham 2 boiledegg 1 sprig of mint)

Mum should cool here belly with ice. Otherwise I’m soon done. I have enough to drink here, thankfully. I’m staying here longer yet, at least until it is cooler.

best regards! Phillip


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