rolf's diary

Dear diary, sunday notes

In self esteem on 18. July 2010 at 21:54

-This endless discussions about our leisure activies bored me.
-I have with Nadine cleaned up our flat.
-i drink a fresh cup of coffee and afterwards i take a nap because my mind is tired. Maybe it helps. I have to give that my mood is better like yesterday.
-monique cuddless a lot with me today.but at the moment i do not want physical contact.
-after i woke up monique and i draw pictures.
-even iris wants no contact with me anymore, makes me very sad,very sad.
-after a walk i sit at the miniaturegolf now and drink coffee.
-it’s 10pm, tomorrow i have early shift, i go to bed  now.

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  1. Since I am namely mentioned in this blogpost, I have to correct you here. I have never said that I do not want to have contact with you anymore. I have just said that I am struggling along myself a bit and have no capacities for anything else but myself at the moment. This is not the same. So, please notice that there is this difference.


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