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Just Call Me Bri: I fight Depression.

In borderline on 21. July 2010 at 04:32

Posted by bRi Nicholle

Firstly I would like to apologize for not updating my blog as frequently as I should, I could lie and say that I was just too busy (which I kind of was) but I won’t. The real reason I have been shying away from my blog is because of fear. When I am running from my problems in real life how the hell can I write about them for some stranger from the across the world to read. I couldn’t be real on my blog when I couldn’t be real with myself,I needed time to get myself together. I’ve also been a bit of a recluse in the social scene, opting for hours alone with a glass of wine. Sometimes I wonder if I am crazy, or bipolar or something because I am such a social butterfly but I tend to go through phases in which I hide, consequently my thoughts become clear and I pull myself together. I openly admit to having both highs and lows in my life, do I hide them well? Absolutely, which is not necessarily a good thing. I don’t allow people to be there for me until I’ve reached the point where “it” is just too much and I break down. I’m not sure why I allow myself to reach that low level which is usually months in the making, but I do and until I am slapped out of it (usually by my mother) I will remain there.

via Just Call Me Bri: I fight Depression..

  1. I can get like that too… People don’t usually realize how depressed I am until I reach the point where I cannot function.


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