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Just Call Me Bri: I fight Depression.

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Posted by bRi Nicholle

Firstly I would like to apologize for not updating my blog as frequently as I should, I could lie and say that I was just too busy (which I kind of was) but I won’t. The real reason I have been shying away from my blog is because of fear. When I am running from my problems in real life how the hell can I write about them for some stranger from the across the world to read. I couldn’t be real on my blog when I couldn’t be real with myself,I needed time to get myself together. I’ve also been a bit of a recluse in the social scene, opting for hours alone with a glass of wine. Sometimes I wonder if I am crazy, or bipolar or something because I am such a social butterfly but I tend to go through phases in which I hide, consequently my thoughts become clear and I pull myself together. I openly admit to having both highs and lows in my life, do I hide them well? Absolutely, which is not necessarily a good thing. I don’t allow people to be there for me until I’ve reached the point where “it” is just too much and I break down. I’m not sure why I allow myself to reach that low level which is usually months in the making, but I do and until I am slapped out of it (usually by my mother) I will remain there.

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How’s this for a Jedi mind trick?

Anakin Skywalker’s transformation into Darth Vader in Star Wars was the result of a borderline personality disorder, according to a new study by French psychiatrists.

In a letter titled “Is Anakin Skywalker suffering from borderline personality disorder?” — which will be published in an upcoming issue of the journal Psychiatry Research — Eric Bui, a psychiatrist at Toulouse University Hospital, and his team state that Skywalker exhibited six out of the nine borderline-personality-disorder criteria as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, ABC News reports. The minimum for a diagnosis is five.

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Four Health Hazards of Unhappy Marriage

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Ground-breaking new research has revealed that an unhappy marriage can directly cause specific health conditions. While you may have resigned yourself to a couple of years of misery, or perhaps a divorce, new evidence has proved that suffering could be on a much more serious level than this.

The study further emphasised the importance of marital felicity by verifying that happy couples are often a lot healthier. Better immunity, lower levels of cancer, less mental illness, longer life – all of these things are apparently a direct result of being content in a relationship. These couples were also more likely to be physically active and even heal from wounds at a faster rate than singles or unhappy couples.

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dear diary, monday

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at the end it was a good day at the sea. i have breaded my step daughter with sand and build sand castles.

i was even in the water! it’s a wonder. normally i hate more water than a bathtub filling. now i’m tired, but tired from a good day. this evening i will study articles about depression, confidence and self-esteem.

i begin to realize that the life can be beautiful. but i must do much more.

i hope i’m on the right way. on the way away to end my life with my own hands.  it’s a stony way with any pain.

Walking the Borderline

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This Blog is here to showcase what it’s like living with Borderline

Personality Disorder. This blog is also here to entertain you and to give you a glimpse inside the inner workings of the illness. While I’m targeting people who have BPD and their loved ones, my main goal is to spread the word about this illness. I want it commonly known.

My entries can be directly divided into 3 groups. The first is direct research articles that I’ve written on various topics of importance to the illness. The second are stories of antics in my life that while personal, show directly how the illness affects me and those I live with. The third are random stories of the day to day nature that while they won’t be directly related to the illness, they will still show glimpses into my head.

I invite and encourage any and all questions and comments. Including constructive criticism. However, 2 things will not be tolerated. “Get over it!” without serious advice on how to do so. As well as “You suck!” without a detailed explanation as to why you believe so. All comments are indeed moderated mostly for my benefit so that I don’t accidentally miss them.

Finally, keep in mind one thing. I will not censor myself on here. You’ll see me post things that you’d never dream anyone would make public knowledge. You’ll see me go off on rants where my language won’t be proper. Just keep in mind that this is indeed, the truth behind BPD. Private isn’t always kept as such, and public isn’t always prim and proper.

Now sit back and enjoy the ride!

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