rolf's diary


You finally found my faq. Congratulations, you just accomplished something many people couldn’t.
The questions asked are the same mumbo jumbo I’ve heard a billion times in life. But of course I am such a sweetheart and decided to reply to each honest.

Are you a real person?
A: No
Why did you create this site?
A: Same reason you’re on it
Can I marry you?
A: Ask my girlfriend
Are you educated?
A: Potty trained
What’s the best way to pick up younger women?
A: Show them your credit card and make sure there’s money on it
Do you know any famous people?
A: Yeah, me
Well this dork slept with you so what does that say about you?
A: I’m the man!
Do you sleep with anyone?
A: No, just people I don’t like
You smell very nice. What cologne do you use?
A: Febreeze

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