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Dear diary, horny! #blog #blogger

In diary on 25. July 2010 at 17:02

my tomcat is very horny today but the two cats are cold like a 2000 years old glacier. well, why it is to be with cats different?-there it must through.

i was very lazy today with a bit fatigue. my family is visiting friends and i staying at home. will fool no one, i have good manners.

often i will to be alone but when i’m alone i miss my family….

right mood

in the last days my brain has no longer felt like a fallen asleep elbow. i can think almost without noises. clear-thinking.

it is strange. nevermind, i must accustom me .

it goes up!

tomorrow i have early shift till 2 pm and i will rock the workplace.

Dear diary,spongebob and purzel!

In self esteem on 24. July 2010 at 14:41


Well, a beautyful gay couple.

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Nicolas Cage Does Shrooms With Cat

In self esteem on 17. July 2010 at 02:51

This is what you end up looking like when you do drugs with your cat. We kid, but no seriously.

Nicolas Cage and his antics seem to get crazier and crazier.

Last we heard, he was babbling on that he only eats animals’ meat that have a “dignified sex” and now he’s moved on to tell how he did shrooms with his cat one night.

A few nights ago the actor proved how effed up he is told David

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My dream cat!

In self esteem on 16. July 2010 at 06:40


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