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Raise Self Esteem (quick, easy and effective) #blog

In self esteem on 23. July 2010 at 21:26

dear diary, what day is today? wednesday?

In borderline, depression, self esteem on 21. July 2010 at 07:13

i have started a new diet for improve my mental health. i eat only fruits and vegetable for a couples of days and i do harder train my ABS. it shall pushing my serotonin level. and it works. i have lose weight and my thoughts are today not so bad like last week.but now all my muscles hurts.

i feel like on the top of the world.

yesterday i have seen my kids for the first time since a couple of weeks. i’m glad about this and i hope of a good progress in building a better relationship with my daughter lena and my son deniz. i love them. and i miss them every second of my life.

this morning my smartphone is giving up the life completly. and i can’t buy a new. it’s terrible for me.

Dear diary, monday notes

In self esteem on 19. July 2010 at 21:17

6 billion human but i feel lonely. It is hard for me to build social connections. I wish for me to talk with other people. Instead i speak with my diary. It is sadly.the development of my self esteem is making progress. I think i am on a right way for a turn around. I am mental exhausted and will go to bed now.

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