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Dear diary, i sat on the bridge, ready to jump! #blog

In depression, diary on 26. July 2010 at 20:10

last year at december :
“soon it’s over” i thought as i sat at a bridge over the rhine in my home town. my soul was dead and i want to jump in river to find peace. in my life is too much happening still want to live on.
but a little thing in my brain held me back. one little thought: you are at the end! why you don’t try to begin a new life? is it not a try worth?
and i stood on.
today i’m happy that i attempted. i’m not yet happy but i’m on the right way.


U.S. Mood Measured Through Twitter

In diary, opinion on 25. July 2010 at 08:31

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A group of researchers have published a simple word analysis of 300 million tweets (you know, those short, 140 character-maximum status updates from individuals) from Twitter and discovered something amazing — people are happier on the weekends, and before and after work. Yes, that’s right — people are happier when they are not working!

That's me!

It took three researchers from Northeastern University and two from Harvard Medical School to arrive at these stunning conclusions.


Dear diary, sunday morning

In diary on 25. July 2010 at 07:48

last night i have slept well. probable reasons:

  • 1. yesterday eve i did not drink coffee.
  • 2. all day i checked my thoughts and feelings.
  • 3. i have eaten controlled.
  • 4. for a better body feeling i’ve done a lot of  sport without stress

in my  armee time i have done a lot of sport, 100 km marches, half marathon.  during this time i had no depression. my body feeling was well.  i have remembered now and i do sports again.

in the past months i have lost 21 kg. but my goals were to amition. i have lost the lust again  and my depression were worse again.

i had to forced myself again. now i do sports without big goals, only for fun.

my six pack is back and my mood is relaxed. to do sport is like cure for improving abetter self-esteem. the body feeling get better and the serotonin ensure for a better mental state.

ok, only sports makes me not healty but it helps to feel me better.

for the time i try to cope 100 push ups at once and i do every second day exercises with free weights. to burn calories i go jogging at least three times a week for 45 min.

my training plan for 100 push ups:

i think push ups are a great training for my body.

as i said, i go at least three times a week for 45 min jog. slowly, stress free. and i eat better, more fruits and vegatable,  less meat,fat, bread, sugar etc.